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Recipe of How to make realistic New Year's resolutions
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How to make realistic New Year's resolutions

When the 12 of the night of December 31st arrives, we think about the purposes for the new year, but many times we think about things that we will not be able to fulfill. Follow this guide on how to make realistic new year resolutions.

Step by Step of: How to make realistic New Year's resolutions

Reflect on the year that ends, the mistakes and the good times, think about what you could have done better, what you would like to change. Find a way to change all this.
Many times, it is easier to accomplish things when they are in writing, it goes from being just an idea to being something real. There are many ways to do it, use a glider or a calendar. Make sure it is ready in a place where you see it continuously.
Do not try to do everything in January, but in February you will be exhausted and in the summer our purposes are already forgotten.
If you set very big goals, separate them into small projects to achieve it little by little, for example: if your goal is to write a book, try to write 6 pages a day to have a complete book at the end of the year.
Never use any pretext like saying that you do not have time, to not achieve your goals. There is always a way to make time for you.
Many times 1 year is not enough, if it arrives on December 31 and you have not been able to fulfill your goals 100%, do not lose hope. There is always more time.
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