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Calaverita cookies

Become an expert to decorate these amazing calaverita cookies with this step by step. Decorating them is not as complicated as you probably think, since all you will need is: royal icing or white icing with medium texture to make the skeleton and edible ink markers of many colors for the designs of the details on the face; let your imagination fly to create them.

To give shape to calaverita cookies you have two options: use the downloadable template that we leave here and the other with a cutter for gingerbread cookies. With these calaverita cookies you will be able to give a twist to the Day of the Dead season, since you can personalize them and give them to your friends and family.

Step by Step of: Calaverita cookies

Calaverita cookies
Material • Cookie dough • Downloadable template • Royal icing white • Edible ink markers
Calaverita cookies
Print and cut the downloadable template.
Calaverita cookies
Stretch the cookie dough and cut the figure using the template.
Calaverita cookies
Place the cookie on a tray and bake at 180 ° C for 15 minutes or until lightly browned. Let it cool.
Calaverita cookies
Start decorating with white royal icing, letting it dry between layers. Once you have the complete skeleton, let the cookies dry for 8 hrs or until the royal icing is completely firm.
Calaverita cookies
Draw the details of the calaverita with edible ink markers.
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