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Catrina gelatine

Prepare this Mexican Catrina strawberry and coconut gelatin at home. It is very easy to do and looks spectacular. You can not miss in your Day of the Dead party the representation of this famous icon of Mexican culture and what better way to keep it in mind than with a delicious dessert.

In addition, for you to stay perfectly this elegant and folkloric skull do not forget to download the template with which you can finish decorating this original catrina gelatin.

Step by Step of: Catrina gelatine

Catrina gelatine
Materials • Strawberry gelatin • Coconut gelatin • Lemon jelly • Grape jelly • Spray oil • Gelatin mold • Downloadable template • Wooden stick • Glue • Flower and leaf cutter
Catrina gelatine
Grease the jelly mold with a little oil.
Catrina gelatine
Start making the skirt with layers interspersed with strawberry and coconut jelly. Refrigerate between each layer 15 min. Once the mold is full, refrigerate until completely set.
Catrina gelatine
Grease two rectangular molds with a little oil, pour some lemon jelly into one and into the other grape jelly. Make sure the layers of each one are thin. Refrigerate until completely set.
Catrina gelatine
Desmolda both gelatins and short help with cutters, some leaves and flowers. Reservation.
Catrina gelatine
Unmold the skirt and decorate with the leaves and jelly flowers around.
Catrina gelatine
Print and cut the downloadable template. Glue both catrinas by putting a wooden stick between them.
Catrina gelatine
Insert the catrina on top of the gelatin and serve.
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