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Recipe of How to avoid the formation of balls in clothes when washing
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How to avoid the formation of balls in clothes when washing

The washing machines are one of the most wonderful inventions that we currently have, since it freed us time for other activities; but as there are no perfect solutions, the clothes are usually filled with balls, which makes it look old in a short time. I share this tip to minimize the formation of balls in clothes when washed.

Step by Step of: How to avoid the formation of balls in clothes when washing

What you will need:
• Liquid soap
Without wanting to look commercial, it is a fact that powdered soaps are more aggressive to the tissues, so using liquid soap helps a lot to avoid the formation of balls in clothing. If you do not want to invest a lot in one, in this site you will find a recipe to make a homemade liquid soap, quite economical.
Separate the clothes. The two main criteria are: by colors (light, strong, white and black or very dark), the second is by type of fabric, since there are items such as sweatshirts, pants, plush and towels that generate large amounts of fluff and other to which they stick everything, such as cotton, so preferably do not mix them, because this is a source of beads in clothing.
All the clothes that you put in the washing machine must be upside down, this will reduce the formation of balls due to the friction between the clothes.
It is preferably washed with cold water, since the hot water damages the tissues, promoting the formation of balls.
Before putting the clothes in the dryer or hanging them in the sun, shake them out, since you will eliminate lint residues and you will be able to avoid excessive wrinkles.
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07/06/2015 22:50:05
fantástico Me parece buena idea y lo pondré en practica,pero quiero que alguien me diga como quitar la mancha de suavitel gracias
Maria Maria
23/02/2015 16:43:47
me encanto su pagina Excelentes ideas gracias
Alejandra Espinosa Román
20/12/2014 03:42:03
Súper buen consejo Pues muy cierto todas las ideas que dan, nada más me faltaba confirmar algunas dudas. Me gustaría saber cómo se hace el detergente liquido. Muchas gracias.