How to wash the pillows

If your pillows are yellow, follow this step by step so that they look white, without losing shape and above all free of mites. It is advisable to wash them every 3 months to eliminate any bacteria.

Step by Step of: How to wash the pillows

How to wash the pillows
o Cotton or feather pillows
o LG TWINWash TM Washing Machine
o Tennis balls
o Socks
or ½ cup of baking soda
or 1 Lemon
o Teaspoon hydrogen peroxide
How to wash the pillows
Place your pillows in the main washing machine of your LG TWINWashTM, we recommend you do not wash more than two at the same time to prevent them from becoming deformed.
How to wash the pillows
Add the baking soda and tennis balls wrapped in the socks directly to the drum of the washing machine, this will help the pillows not lose volume and become spongy.
How to wash the pillows
Use the cycle with steam to eliminate mites and allergens. While your pillows are being washed in the main washing machine, place the pillowcases on the TWINWash MiniTM
How to wash the pillows
Mix a few drops of lemon and a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water, pour over the covers and this way they will be more than clean.
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