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Recipe of How to unroll clothes without having to iron
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How to unroll clothes without having to iron

There are days when something happens and the time to fix is ​​not enough and what we are going to put on is wrinkled enough to have to use the iron. If it has ever happened to you, I share this super secret to you to unroll your clothes without having to iron them.

Step by Step of: How to unroll clothes without having to iron

What you will need:
• A clothes hook
• The steam from the shower
Before going to bathe, place your garment on a hook and hang it inside the bathroom, preferably in the highest place possible and that is perfectly stretched.
Bathe as usual. If you use lukewarm water, use a little hotter this time, so there is steam in the bathroom. When you leave, you will see that your garment will no longer have wrinkles.
When you leave the bathroom, hang the garment on the curtain rod or shower door. Get ready and leave for the end the clothes; shake it out before putting it on and go, your clothes without wrinkles, without ironing or wasting time.
This tip also serves to almost eliminate any odor that could have the garment, either another perfume, smell of cigarettes, or simply the smell of being stored in the closet.
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20/09/2015 11:38:32
Ropa sin planchar claro que si funciona
18/04/2015 14:17:19
Ruth En serio funciona?...Lo intentaré, gracias.