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Cold Chocolate Cake

1h 20 mins
1 mins
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This cold chocolate cake is the perfect dessert for chocolate lovers. It has a cookie crust, a chocolate mousse filling and why not a chocolate covered on top. Do not let it pass!
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8 portions
  • 3 packages chocolate cookie, (126 gc / u) without filling
  • 1 bar butter, (90 g) melted
  • 1 on gelatin, (7 g)
  • 5 tablespoons Water
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 1 cup bittersweet chocolate, (200 g) chopped
  • 10 chocolate cookies, in halves, to decorate
  • 1/4 cups chocolate chip, to decorate


Grind the cookies in a food processor or in the blender until you get a fine powder.
In a bowl, mix with the melted butter and form a crust in a cake mold with the help of a spoon. Refrigerate for 10 minutes in the Twin Cooling® refrigerator.
Hydrate the grenetina with water and let it rest for a few minutes.
Heat the whipping cream together with the grenetine in the Samsung® Cello microwave for 30 seconds, until it melts and is well integrated, and reserves.
Add the hot cream to the chopped chocolate and mix until integrated. Reservation.
Pour into the mold with the crust and refrigerate for 1 hour in the Twin Cooling® refrigerator.
Decorate with melted chocolate, cookies and sparks. It serves.


Decorate with chopped cookies and chocolate chips.


Take care that the chocolate to decorate is not too hot so that the mousse does not melt.

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Ratings (27)
Elisánder Quiroz
02/01/2021 19:33:14
Queda delicioso, estoy bastante segura de que la volveré a hacer
Eunice Hernandez
13/09/2020 19:57:39
Fácil y deliciosa!!!
Jorge Estudillo
12/02/2020 19:33:52
Choche Modesto
26/07/2019 19:24:20
Fácil rico y rapidísimo
Tania Martinez
29/06/2019 15:26:40
Muy bueno
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