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"Kiwilimón", SAPI de CV ("Kiwilimón") is a company incorporated under the laws of the United Mexican States ("Mexico") with address in Mexico City, Mexico.

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Kiwilimón makes the knowledge of its users and the general public aware of the following policies for the use of the Kiwilimón website.

The present policies of use (the "Policies") of the website, govern the use that you give to said site and any of the contents available through or through this website.

Kiwilimón encourages the use and communication of data, multimedia publications and content generated by the users of this web page (the "Users"), like all content created by the Kiwilimón administration.

Any information that Users enter in the public spaces available on the site It will be in the public domain, except for everything protected by the Federal Copyright Law or the Industrial Property Law in force in Mexico.

Kiwilimón reserves the right to use, display, modify, share, publish, distribute, engage in future work, and commercially use a recipe, comment, rating, photograph, image, video, list, comments, ideas, notes, concepts or any other other information, content or material, or other term that Users make or upload to the site; that is, the User assigns and grants in favor of Kiwilimón all the rights of author and intellectual property of the information and contents that he / she shares through the site, without compensation of any kind to the User or any third party, with the exception of what is protected by the intellectual and / or industrial property legislation in force in Mexico.

Kiwilimón reserves the right to prevent and / or eliminate any publication of photos, written content or video that goes against the principles of Kiwilimón or that are considered illegal, against public order or morality. As Kiwilimó User agrees not to enter any content to the website considered as obscene, vulgar, pornographic, evasive, abusive, racial, apologist or constitutive of a crime, in accordance with Mexican law, impersonate the identity of another person on the website, offer services, promotions or advertising without the consent of Kiwilimón, among others. Likewise, the User agrees to use the contents of Kiwilimón in accordance with the present Policies of the website, and other notices made publicly known through


All brands, commercial notices, design, logos, texts, graphics or any object subject to industrial or intellectual property, are the property of KIWILIMÓN, SAPI de CV, or they have been provided with the corresponding authorization of the owner.

Any person who makes use of the trademarks, commercial notices, design or any other of the aforementioned without the authorization of Kiwilimón, will be subject to the legal actions that correspond by right to Kiwilimón, including civil, criminal or administrative actions. Therefore, the Users of this website agree not to reproduce or use the subject matter of intellectual property of this site without proper authorization.

Any recipe that the Kiwilimón Users or the Kiwilimón Administration share through the website that is not the creation of said persons, must be accompanied by the source from which it was taken and / or modified. The foregoing in accordance with the legislation on copyright and intellectual property in force in Mexico.


Kiwilimón is excluded from responsibility for the following:

  • The User is solely responsible for the use of this website. It declares that it enters this electronic address under its own account and risk, and that the simple fact of navigating in this site implies the tacit and express consent of the User regarding the acceptance and respect of these Policies.
  • The use made of this page by Users, is committed to be solely for the needs of those who have access to this website, and not to be used directly or indirectly or in any way by them, for the commercial exploitation of the services and / or products that Kiwilimón can offer. Users may electronically copy and print portions of the site only for personal and non-commercial materials. The use that does not have the written consent of It is strictly prohibited.
  • Kiwilimón does not guarantee that the service provided through the website will be provided continuously and uninterrupted, as well as be free of server failures and / or errors within it.
  • Kiwilimón does not assume responsibility for communications made between Users of, nor any other type of content or electronic files shared among them.
  • Kiwilimón is not responsible for the content of any other website that is linked to; these sites may not be related and / or aligned with these Policies, privacy policies or confidentiality in personal information. Kiwilimón is not responsible for the data that the user shares or provides with such websites. will only be responsible for the handling of information provided in linked sites or third parties to the website, in case that this responsibility is specifically specified and to the extent that is determined in the privacy policies that are deployed in these sites.
  • The accounts and passwords that Users establish for, are the sole responsibility of the Users, and Kiwilimón is not responsible in any way for the same.
  • Kiwilimón reserves the right to change, modify or suspend the content of this website ( at any time and without prior notice. Kiwilimón will not be responsible for the implications that this may cause in the Users. In addition to being able to restrict in its entirety the access to this web page and to eliminate all type of content that acts on the part of Kiwilimón.
  • Kiwilimón is responsible for the financial information entered in this website (


Kiwilimón carries out the sale of cookbooks to Kiwilimón users, through the website or through the Kiwilimón mobile applications. The processing of these sales will be carried out in full by "Mercado Pago" Mercado Libre, S. de RL de CV, so all the data that the user enters to make the payment of a Kiwilimón item, as are, full name, bank accounts, passwords, security codes, email, among other data, will be stored by "Mercado Pago" and will be governed by the policies of maintenance and protection of the information of said company, which can be found in the following league:

From the foregoing, the User of Kiwilimón acknowledges and accepts that any inconvenience, complaint and / or suggestion that he / she may have in relation to the payment of an article of Kiwilimón, must be made directly with the payment processor "Mercado Pago", releasing from any liability to Kiwilimón for the payments you want to process.


The User will abstain from:

  • collect data for advertising purposes and send advertising of any kind and communications for sale or other commercial purposes without your prior request and consent;
  • remit any other messages not requested or previously consented to a plurality of people;
  • send chains of electronic messages not requested or previously consented;
  • use distribution lists that can be accessed to carry out the activities indicated in sections (i) to (iii) above;
  • make available to third parties, for any purpose, data collected from distribution lists.

Users or third parties harmed by the reception of unsolicited messages addressed to a plurality of people may communicate it to by sending a message to the following email address: