About us?

Before launching Kiwilimon.com we realized that there was no place online where we can share what we like to do most, COOKING. There are thousands of sites and blog recipes but most are in English or not invited to be part of them. Hence the idea of ​​Kiwilimon, a community of recipes in Spanish where we can all participate by sharing our recipes, comments and questions.

In the blink of an eye we have managed to form the # 1 community of recipes in Mexico. A community of people passionate about cooking that seeks to share their recipes, ideas and, above all, talk about food.

With more than 3 million users and thousands of recipes in Spanish today Kiwilimon offers the best of cuisine. From the best tips to spend the perfect Christmas, to a list of hundreds of chocolate cakes, Kiwilimon has returned to the kitchen.

We also seek to launch tools that simplify life to our community such as the virtual recipe book, the menu planner and the possibility of creating and buying the supermarket list.

We believe that cooking is one of the most important values ​​of our society and families and therefore cooking makes people happier. As we say in Kiwi: "Food unites us but prepares us fuses."

Chef Deborah and Chef Lorenza