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Recipe of Decorated Cookies for Father's Day

Decorated Cookies for Father's Day

1h 30 mins
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Learn how to prepare decorated cookies for Father's Day with these simple steps. This day is a dedicated celebration to thank our parents for their education, patience and love. We want you to celebrate Dad as he should, so we have prepared a special recipe for fondue cookies for Father's Day; They are beautiful, delicious and easy to make, there is no excuse not to try them!


12 portions
  • 500 grams dough, for cookie
  • 250 grams fondant, white or colored


Stretch the cookie dough, cut circles the size you want cookies, and bake at 180 ° C for fifteen minutes. Once the homemade cookies are baked, allow them to cool before you start decorating them.
You can make the homemade fondat or buy it already done. With a little water, stick the circles of fondant over the butter cookies.
Prepare the decorations with fondant as shown in the image. With the longer strip we will form the neck of the shirt, the small square is for the pocket, and the blue pieces will make up the tie. The smaller balls are the final details for the tie, but you can make ribbons, zig zags or any other figure you can imagine.
Place the decorations on the cookies. Once you are sure of the position, stick the tie with very little water. Fold in the corners of the fondant strips to finish shaping the neck and fix the folds with a dab of water.
Finally, stick the shirt pocket and the balls of the tie. Press lightly to fix them well on the spectacular decorated cookies and allow them to dry for a couple of hours before handling them, in this way they will prevent them from getting dirty or staining.


Give them to your father with great affection. If you have questions, write in the comments.

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