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Salt fish

20 mins
30 mins
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If you no longer think of how to prepare the fish, this recipe is going to enchant you. Fish with salt is a fun way to cook fish, where you only need a whole fish, salt and egg whites.
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4 portions
  • 1.5 kilos fish, Ask your fishmonger to remove only the scales and entrails.
  • 1 bouquet fresh parsley
  • 4 egg whites
  • 1 kilo table salt
  • 1 kilo sea ​​salt
  • white pepper


Season the fish with salt and pepper.
Enter where the fish guts were found
In a bowl, add table salt and the egg whites, stir well until the salt absorbs all the white.
Pour the sea salt into the bottom of a pan where you are going to cook the fish.
Place the fish on the sea salt, cover it perfectly with the mixture of salt and egg white, do not leave parts uncovered.
Put the refractory in a previously preheated oven. Cook it at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.
Once the thirty minutes have elapsed, remove the fish from the oven.
With a knife break the corners of the crust that formed the salt, in order to remove it from the fish.
Remove the skin from the fish, it is usually very salty. Use a fork to serve, try to do it delicately.


Serve it in the container where you cooked it. Just remove the layer of salt and the skin so you can eat it.


Accompany it with a fresh vegetable salad.

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Ratings (3)
Isabel Galina e Ibarra
29/10/2019 16:29:25
Me gustara hacerlo con gusto
Sergio Bntz
09/07/2017 18:53:37
Es una excelente manera de mantener el sabor del pescado
Javier Mora
08/05/2016 11:43:00
A través de iOS Me gustaría saber si alguien que ya lo haya preparado sabe que tan salado sabe con esta prepracion?

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