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This delicious recipe was invented for our wedding Anniversary. Being in the supermarket, I imagined the products in my mind (as Ratatui teaches his brother to eat) I imagined the flavors and combined them until I reached
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6 portions
  • 300 grams white mushroom
  • 200 grams corn, cool
  • 100 grams Gouda cheese
  • 50 grams habanero pepper


INGREDIENTS 300 grs. of White Champignons 1 Large roasted corn (for roasting the corn it is put on the stove on a direct heat until it burns and the beans are blacked and crumbled) 50 grs. of Cream 1 Onion 1 Chile Habanero verde 2 cchrs. of Butter 2 cchrs. Consome de Pollo 1 can of Carnation Milk 100 grs. of shredded Gouda cheese Croutones (see in preparations) 100 grs. of sour cream
PREPARATION Cut the onion into small cubes (Brounoise) and put them in a casserole dish together with the butter and let the onion harden, half of the mushrooms are cut into cubes and when the onion is sliced ​​the mushrooms and the roasted corn until the flavors of these products come out, add the Carnation milk and the Chicken Consome, until it starts to boil the fire is reduced and the Habanero chili is added, it is left for 10 minutes at the same temperature, Once the Habanero is cooked we process the whole mixture (the Elote will give a texture that not everyone likes so they can strain it (I PREFER IT WITH TEXTURE) and in that moment we put the other half of the Champignons cut in slices or in 8 as you prefer and add half of the sour cream and stir until the cream is integrated, maybe salt is missing, DO NOT PUT IT MORE, remember that we have not finished, the cheese and croutons are missing PRESENTATION owls putting the cream of Champignones and decorate with Croutones a spoonful of Cream and the shredded cheese (a twig of yerbabuena would not hurt). PAIRING A dark and bitter beer would be ideal (very cold please!) Or it could be a Chilean Merlot. You have to buy the bottles of good Chilean wine before the prices rise for the Earthquake! OWN COMMENTS DO NOT PICK !!!! JAJAJA el Habanero only perfumes the soup, I loved this recipe and I had doubts about the combination of the elements, however, the Habanero gives a depth to the champignon and the roasted corn makes come those grilled and ranch flavors that I miss so much , I hope you enjoy this recipe as well as my Wife and my guests did it, Thanks to Tweety, Luz Elena, Armando, Laura, Aaron and Carolina for being in this beautiful evening and Life .......

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