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Recipe of Ancient Noodles

Ancient Noodles

15 mins
15 mins
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Recipe typical of my family, the boys in particular love it, it is excellent as a single dish or to accompany the food. I love cooking for my family because through the kitchen I discovered a new way of offering love. This recipe is very complete because it contains carbohydrates, protein, etc.
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4 portions
  • 1/4 cups oil
  • 1 package pasta, for noodle soup # 0 (200 g) from La Moderna®
  • 3 tomatoes, poached
  • 1/3 onions
  • 1 clove garlic, big
  • 1 chipotle chili, tin
  • 500 milliliters chicken soup, hot
  • 100 grams fresh cheese
  • 100 milliliters fresh cream
  • chicken broth, c / s
  • ground peppers, c / s
  • fresh parsley, chopped c / s
  • 2 cups black bean, refritos


Heat the oil, fry the noodle soup pasta, drain on absorbent paper and set aside.
Blend the tomato with the onion, garlic and chilies.
Fry the tomato sauce in the oil in which the noodle was fried, add the consommé, the pepper, the parsley, the noodle, and the chicken broth. Season to taste and let consume the liquid over medium heat.
In a mold or a ring put half the noodle, a layer of refried beans, a bit of cheese and finally add another layer of noodle. Press well, unmold and garnish with a little cream and the remaining cheese.


Garnish with the fresh cream, some parsley and the remaining cheese.


Serve hot.

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Ratings (6)
31/07/2015 13:48:51
Muchas felicidades!! soy Erika, el tercer lugar. Felicidades por tu premio y por tu receta. Se antoja mucho, la probaré.
Maria Victoria Benitez
29/07/2015 10:26:54
Sopas no suschi No  eme  parece  nada  bien  que  califiquen  con  suschi  y  otras   cosas  en vez  de  puras  sopas  la  moderna   la  Promocion  era  de   sopas  o  no
Dan Davis
24/07/2015 15:32:17
Se antoja como para clavarle el tenedor :P Se ve muy bien.. .y seguro que sabe mejor. :D
Roberta Alz
21/07/2015 14:04:23
se me antoja Se ve muy rico ! Lo prepararé
12/07/2015 21:28:48
Se ve muy rico! Mmmm
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