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Recipe of How to cook Corn Pozolero
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How to cook Corn Pozolero

The pozole is one of the most delicious dishes of Mexican cuisine, within our culture there are many variations around this dish. Here you will learn how to properly cook the pozole corn, learning the technique so that the grain is delicious. With this tip you will learn how easy and simple it is to bake cacahuazintle corn.

Step by Step of: How to cook Corn Pozolero

Add waterHow to cook Corn Pozolero
Pour enough water in a pot, it is necessary for the water to cover the corn perfectly.
Add the cornHow to cook Corn Pozolero
Once the water starts to release steam, add the dried cacahuazintle corn (previously washed with water).
Incorporates CalHow to cook Corn Pozolero
Add to the preparation a piece of active lime, its function is to whiten the corn, allow the grain to burst, make the skin separate from the grain and help make it easier to digest the corn. This process is known as nixtamalization. Let the corn cook for 2 1/2 hours (for half a kilo).
How to cook Corn Pozolero
Ready! Now you have the grain ready, so you can use it in various preparations, such as: pozole tradicional , pozole verde and pozole blanco de guerrero.
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