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How to avoid common baking problems

To bake a delicious cake, you do not need to be an expert pastry chef, you just need to know some basic tips on how to avoid common problems in baking.

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Dry cakes: it can be the result of a too hot oven, you may need to calibrate your oven and bake at a lower temperature. It could be that you left your cake in the oven too long. Alternatively, this may be caused by an excess of flour in the dough or by using a lot of baking powder.
A cake with the sunken center: It can be caused by having too much liquid or a cold oven. It can be the result of opening the oven too many times during baking, causing the oven temperature to decrease. Try to wait until the cake is fully cooked to open the oven door.
Problems to detach the cake from the mold: Grease and flour the mold correctly always, before pouring your dough. You can make a waxed paper disk for the bottom of the mold, especially when you're going to make a multi-storey cake. When you take your cake out of the oven, let it cool for a few minutes on a metal rack or the edges of the stove, then transfer it to a plate and allow it to cool completely.
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Octaviana Lopez Vilchis
05/12/2016 08:40:54
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03/12/2016 13:32:38
Si, soy algo impaciente y en ocasiones abro el horno demasiadas veces. Incorrecto.
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01/12/2016 13:26:03
Excelentes tips gracias👍
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01/12/2016 08:42:19
Gracias han sido de mucha utilidad.
13/11/2014 16:13:22
consulta algunas veces me ha salido en el centro hundido pero de la parte de abajo no arriba del pastel, a que se debe esto? 
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