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How to make spices at home

We all like our food to be nutritious and delicious, and spices provide that special touch. I share my secret, so that, very inexpensively, prepare your own spices, made at home, and thus invent your own combinations.

Step by Step of: How to make spices at home

How to make spices at home
For this tip you need:
• Electric or gas oven
• Tray for baking, with grid.
• Aromatic herbs (basil, thyme, peppermint, mint, rosemary, oregano, epazote, etc.)
How to make spices at home
Wash the herbs and let them drain, preferably overnight.
How to make spices at home
If the herbs are large leaf, separate the leaves from the roots. If they are small, make small bouquets, loose enough so that the air circulates between them. Place the herbs on a tray, without overpowering them, and preferably using a grid.
How to make spices at home
The electric oven or the gas oven will be very useful, but the temperature can not exceed 50 ° C. Leave them in the oven with the door half open (no more than 5 cm), the spices will be dry in a few hours. The leaves will be dry when they bend a little, they break easily.
How to make spices at home
Once you have the dried herbs, you can store them separately or mix them with salt, pepper, garlic or onion powder. The best way to save your species will be in jars, preferably dark or covered with decorative fabrics, so that your species retain all their properties; because light can alter its aromas and flavors.
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