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Recipe of How to make cooked meat
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How to make cooked meat

The popular and varied stews or broths can be found anywhere in the world, and are based on a process of cooking by immersing the meat in boiling water. With this secret you will know how to make cooked meat , not only rich for the soul, but also for your palate.

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How to make cooked meat
The meat must be incorporated into the stew when the water is cold; never with hot water, because if you do, the meat hardens and becomes inedible.
How to make cooked meat
During cooking, the meat loses fats and its flavors, so it is somewhat insipid, and everything stays in the broth, so it is important that you accompany it with vegetables, vegetables and aromatic herbs.
How to make cooked meat
This way of cooking meat requires long cooking times, but does not require prolonged and constant attention on your part. The chicken meat is cooked, in a normal pot, in 40 minutes per kilo, and in an express pot for 5 minutes. The pork is cooked in 1 ½ hours in a traditional pot and 15 minutes in the pressure cooker, per kilo.
The beef is the most delayed, because a kilo is in a pressure cooker 55 minutes and in a normal pot until 2 ½ hours.
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