How to prepare perfect mushrooms

Many times we find in restaurants a delicious mushroom sauté accompanied by meat or poultry, but when we try to prepare them at home, it is a disaster. I share my super secret to know how to cook perfect mushrooms.

Step by Step of: How to prepare perfect mushrooms

clean mushroomsHow to prepare perfect mushrooms
Cleans and removes excess dirt from the mushrooms. You can rinse them in a colander and dry them quickly with paper towels so they do not have excess water.
How to prepare perfect mushrooms
Cut the stems that look hard. If they are not hard, leave them.
Cut the mushrooms into thick slices. Since these contain moisture, they will shrink.
How to prepare perfect mushrooms
Preheat a skillet over high heat. This is very important, the fungi will release water, and the hotter it is, the faster the water will be consumed.
How to prepare perfect mushrooms
The trick is, having preheated the pan, continue cooking them until all the liquid has evaporated.
How to prepare perfect mushrooms
Wait until the mushrooms look golden and add more flavor: a little garlic and chopped parsley and then salt and pepper. Cook for 2 more minutes.
How to prepare perfect mushrooms
Accompany your mushrooms with your favorite dish.
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04/07/2014 13:23:12
como preparar champiñones igual quedan deliciosos si los partes como lo indican arriba, pero pones una sartén a calentar, agregas aceite de olivo, ajo picado, cebolla picada cuando este ya transparente ajo y cebolla, agregas los champiñones, un poco de consomé de pollo en polvo y al ultimo epazote picadillo uuumh ¡¡¡ y puedes preparar quesadillas con queso oaxaca y champiñones, y las acompañas con una salsa de pasilla delicioso