Reno pie

Do not know what dessert to make for Christmas? This Reno Cake is the solution. We tell you how to make a very original decorated cake that everyone will love. This Reno Cake is a good option to give as a Christmas gift.

The Reno Cake is made with fondant and cream to beat with bitter chocolate, which, combined with the orange pancake has a delicious flavor. Did you like this cake?

Step by Step of: Reno pie

Material: * Downloadable template * Orange panquée * Chocolate sauce * Royal icing * Fondant * Gingerbread cookie * Cream to beat * Wood chopsticks * Heart mold * Metal ring
Reno pie
Mix the cream to beat with the melted bitter chocolate and cool.
Reno pie
Place the pancake in a ring and place a layer of pancake on top of a cream to beat until the pieces of the pancake are finished. Refrigera
Reno pie
Cut the ears and nose of the reindeer on the fondant. Also make balls of different sizes red and white.
Reno pie
Bake the chocolate cookie dough and while it is hot cut the reindeer horns, mark the shape with the downloadable templates.
Reno pie
Cover the cake with a layer of the chocolate sauce and return to refrigerate.
Reno pie
Decorate the horns with coffee fondant and royal icing.
Reno pie
Beat the cream to beat and add what was left of the chocolate sauce.
Reno pie
Add some black coloring to one part of the whipping cream and another green coloring. Make your eyes and finish decorating with the fondant pieces.
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