Cookie Monster Gelapastel

This Cookie Monster Gelapastel is the perfect dessert for your Monster Come Cookie party. If you want to organize a fun and original party, this combination of cake with jelly can not miss. The best thing is that it is very easy to do.

This Cookie Monster Gelapastel is not only a great decoration, but the texture is delicious, since it combines the spongyness of a cake with the creamy milk jelly and the crispyness of cookies, in a few words it has everything! Serve this dessert at your next event.

Step by Step of: Cookie Monster Gelapastel

Material * Vegetable Oil * Paper Towel * Coconut flavor milk gelatin * Blue vegetable coloring * Chocolate cake sponge * Resealable plastic bag * Grated coconut * Edible diamantine * Fondant * Circular cookie cutter * Duya for cake * Knife * Cream whipped * Spatula * Chocolate chip cookies
Cookie Monster Gelapastel
Paint the milk gelatin with the blue dye.
Cookie Monster Gelapastel
Pour a cup of gelatin in the mold and refrigerate until set.
Cookie Monster Gelapastel
Remove the gelatin from the mold and place the chocolate sponge cake. udder the cake with the rest of the gelatin, refrigerate until set.
Cookie Monster Gelapastel
Paint the coconut with the dye and the diamond in a blue bag and shake.
Cookie Monster Gelapastel
Extend the fondant and cut a half circle to form the mouth. Form the eyes with the duya.
Cookie Monster Gelapastel
Paint the whipped cream with the coloring and cover the gelatin. Decorate with coconut and place eyes, mouth and cookies.
Cookie Monster Gelapastel
Decorate with the glitter and the shredded coconut.
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