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Recipe of How to keep your Christmas tree cool
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How to keep your Christmas tree cool

When we buy the tree and decorate it, we do not think that when Christmas arrives, it will be dry. Follow this step by step and learn how to keep your Christmas tree fresh longer.

Step by Step of: How to keep your Christmas tree cool

When the tree is delivered to you, make sure that the base is right, that it has a lot of smell and that when you shake it, you will not lose many leaves.
Cut a piece of the base so that it absorbs much more water, since this causes the pores of the wood to open.
Make a soft drink mix of 1 part lemon soda and 3 parts water, this mixture provides citric acid and nutrients that prolong the life of the leaves.
Another option is to add 1 aspirin to the tree water every 2 days.
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Mirtha Sotomayor Telleria
17/11/2015 18:26:51
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Mirtha Sotomayor Telleria
25/11/2014 10:56:36
Como ponerlo en agua? el arbol lo entregan con una cruz de madera como base para poderlo parar, como lo pongo en agua?, o puedo rociarlo con el agua de aspirina o el agua y refresco de limon?? no se haran moscas por lo dulce?
Faby Maruri
23/11/2014 10:04:17
muy bueno Esta Navidad lo pondré en práctica
19/11/2014 17:55:37
Excelente idea Ahora se como conservar el árbol