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Orange Cake with Nutella (gluten free)

30 mins
50 mins
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The orange cake with Nutella (gluten free) is a great dessert for people with celiac disease or who are gluten intolerant. It is a delicious cake without flour that assured you that you will love it since it is delicious.
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6 portions
  • 125 grams cornmeal, No Maizena
  • 2 eggs
  • 75 grams sunflower oil
  • 1 teaspoon yeast
  • 125 grams sugar
  • to taste Orange zest
  • 75 milliliters orange juice
  • 200 milliliters cream, Filling and coverage
  • 50 grams sugar, Syrup
  • 200 grams chocolate, Filling and coverage
  • 250 grams nutella, Filling and coverage
  • 50 grams Water, Syrup
  • 25 milliliters liqueur, Muscat (Syrup)


Preheat the Oven 170º C.
Separate the whites from the yolks. Mount the egg whites until stiff. Reserve.
Pour into a greased mold. Bake for 50/60 minutes. As always, depending on ovens. Do the stick test. Leave about 5 minutes inside the mold, unmold and cool with grid.
Cream the sugar with the yolks. Add the oil, the zest and the juice. Mix. Add the flour with the yeast. Mix until you have a homogeneous mixture. Incorporate the whites with enveloping movements.
Filling and covering: Heat the cream, pour over the chocolate and stir until smooth. Add the Nutella and join until it looks like a cream. Cover with film and bring to the fridge at least 4 hours. Better to do the previous day. When using, mount with rods like cream.
Syrup: Boil the water with the sugar and when it boils, turn off, add the liquor and let cool.
Assembly: Cut into 3 discs. Calar one of the discs with the syrup and put in the serving dish. Cover with the Nutella cream, place another openwork disc, again Nutella cream, the third openwork disc. Cover the cake with the rest of the cream. Decorate to taste.


Accompany with vanilla ice cream (gluten free).

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