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Recipe of Salmon Graved Lax

Salmon Graved Lax

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This Nordic recipe is of a salmon cooked in coarse salt that resembles smoked salmon.


10 portions
  • 1 kilo fresh salmon fillet with skin
  • 100 grams sea salt
  • 10 grams sugar
  • black pepper, ravine
  • dill
  • 2 kilos can, to compress the salmon


Wash and dry the two loins of salmon and put one in a refractory with the skin for low and the other on a board. After preparing them, one is placed over the other so that they finish marinating.
Sprinkle the two loins with pepper and dill, then with salt and sugar.
The loins are sawn as in "sandwich", in the refractory, with the skin on the outside. It is important to put them on a fret with the high edge because the salmon will release a lot of water.
The refractory is closed with self-writable paper or with aluminum foil and the cans with weight are put on top to press the salmon. It is refrigerated for 20 hours.
Then the salmon is removed and the water and coarse salt are removed. The loins can be washed to remove the surplus and put back in a clean refractory, closed with aluminum foil and to the refrigerator.
It is almost horizontally cut to serve and lasts about 10 days refrigerated.
To make it last longer, the loins can be frozen when they are already cured in the salt. It is easier to cut them semi frozen.


Serve very thin fillet with a mustard and honey sauce in a nice platter. It is served with bread or with bagles and cream cheese.


You can use very thin filleted salmon to make salmon carpaccio.

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Ratings (4)
Martha Elva Hernandez Faz
30/12/2018 15:30:08
Esa receta del salmón me agrada porque es muy sencilla su preparación y sirve para diversas ocasiones ya que se puede congelar gracias
Angie Marquez
10/06/2015 23:08:53
Salmon Graved Lax oh boy, good
Lalita Lopez
26/03/2014 23:02:50
Excelente Había buscado la receta del curado de salmón, gracias por compartirla
21/02/2013 11:15:50
dudas gracias por la receta... tengo algunas dudas acerca: 1. ¿cuáles dos lomos de salmon? ¿se refiere a que el kilo de salmon sean dos lomos, mitad y mitad? 2. ¿cuáles son las cantitades de pimienta y de eneldo? gracias!

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