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Tamales Oaxaqueños de Mole

40 mins
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These delicious Tamales Oaxaqueños de Mole con Pollo are a classic of Mexican cuisine. This delicious recipe, originally from the state of Oaxaca, is very easy to cook. Prepare the dough from the beginning to be spongy and moist. This recipe is perfect for the offering on the altar of the dead. The name of these Tamales Oaxaqueños de Mole con Pollo comes from the Nahuatl "tamalli" which means "wrapped", the tamal is a food of pre-Hispanic origin. In each state of the country they are prepared with different ingredients, but they have the same base, which is the corn dough.
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8 portions
  • enough banana leaf, cut into 20x15 cm squares
  • 250 grams lard, for the masa
  • 1 kilo corn dough, for the masa
  • 1 tablespoon salt, for the masa
  • 2 tablespoons baking soda, for the masa
  • enough chicken soup, for the masa
  • 1 cup mass, Red
  • 2 cups chicken, cooked and shredded


In a comal over medium heat, roast the banana leaves until they are soft and flexible. Reserve. Cut into squares.
In a bowl, whisk the lard about 5 minutes or until it is completely softened. Add the dough little by little while continuing to beat until integrating. Add the salt, the baking powder and the broth, continue beating until it has a homogeneous consistency and a semi-thick dough.
Place a spoonful of dough on each banana leaf and spread, add mole, a bit of shredded chicken and wrap in a tamale form. Tie up with a banana leaf thread.
Place the tamales in a steamer with water and cook for 1 hour or until the dough is peeled off the leaf. Rest 10 minutes before serving.
Serve the tamales accompanied by a champurrado.


On a plate accompanied by hot champurrado.


"Soasar" is the term used to indicate the roasting of banana leaves that will soften them and make them flexible.

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Gabriela Susana Alverdin Martinez
16/06/2020 08:20:31
Mal. Que tiene de oaxaqueño el tamal si ni siquiera tiene el sabor de Oaxaca.
Perla Basurto Godoy
20/08/2019 15:45:33
Riquísimos 😊
Marilu Arroyo Cardenas
10/08/2019 13:18:15
Mis favoritos!!! Deliciosos!!!
Fabiola Gonzalez-Chaparro
09/10/2018 17:27:37

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