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Recipe of Citrus marmalade

Citrus marmalade

40 mins
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The jam of bitter oranges is undoubtedly the queen of jams. Here we present a variation made with citrus from my garden.
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2 portions
  • 2 kilos citric, sweet and sour orange, tangerine, lime
  • 2 kilos sugar, granulated
  • 1 lemon, big


Follow the sterilization instructions in Pressure Vessel Express® of the jars and lids before and after they are filled.
Take very thin strips of citrus peels with the help of a peel potatoes, without taking the membrane (white skin) and reserve.
Place the citrus fruit on a chopping board and remove the entire white (bitter) membrane with the help of a sharp knife. Slice the meat into thin slices and remove the seeds.
In an Olla Express® place the citrus slices, add the peels and a liter of water. Close the Express® Pressure Cooker and add the pressure regulator, place it in the stove with a high flame for about 25 minutes or until constant steam comes out, lower the flame to medium and cook for 10 minutes.
Remove the Express® Pressure Cooker from the heat, let cool, remove the pressure regulator, open the Express® Pressure Cooker, and that's it!
Add the sugar, place over high heat and mix until it dissolves. Move from time to time until it caramelizes (brown), about 50 minutes. Even though it looks very liquid it will thicken on cooling.
Package right away (practically boiling) in the sterilized jars.


This way of making it, apart from being quick and easy, has the advantage of preserving the properties of the fruit thanks to the cooking in Pressure Cooker Express®. It can be stored in sterilized bottles.

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Ratings (4)
Alicia Garcia Amador
14/10/2019 18:59:44
Me encanta rápida y sencilla en su preparación
Adriana Aracely Sandez Cazares
22/05/2019 16:03:45
Buenas tardes compañeritas (os) si ya sabes preparar la de papaya compártela te lo agradeceré! Nuage gracias!
Nuage Esqui
08/07/2015 08:36:19
Por fis comparte tu receta Nuage :) 
Nuage Esqui
07/07/2015 20:48:21
mmmmMMMMmmmmm Yo se preparar la de papaya

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