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How to make Fruit Balls

Your friends come to your house for breakfast, you know that they love fruit, so you want to make them a delicious fruit cocktail, you just can not find how to present it in a fun and new way. There is nothing more elegant than presenting the fruits in small balls (or in its technical name: parisiens). Here we show you step by step so you can make this type of cut.

Step by Step of: How to make Fruit Balls

Cut the fruitHow to make Fruit Balls
For this tip you will need a parisien (this tool is a round teaspoon that allows you to form the balls of fruit more easily). If you are going to extract balls of melon, papaya or watermelon, you first need to split the fruits in half.
Mark the outlineHow to make Fruit Balls
Place the parisien on top of the fruit, start by marking the outline of the ball, go pressing lightly while you are moving the parisien from right to left.
Extract the ballHow to make Fruit Balls
Once the parisien is completely inside the fruit, turn the tool from right to left, to be able to extract the ball.
How to make Fruit Balls
Repeat these steps with melon.
How to make Fruit Balls
And with papaya.
Beat the ballsHow to make Fruit Balls
To give a different flavor to the fruit, you can brown the balls with walnut, chili powder and sugar.
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