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How to organize your refrigerator?

If it has happened that you get to make purchases in Soriana and you realize that you have no idea how to organize them correctly in the refrigerator, do not worry, here we will give you some tips so that you have a well ordered refri and your ingredients last longer. weather.

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How to organize your refrigerator?
It is important to keep the refrigerator clean and odor free:

It is recommended to wash the inside of your refrigerator at least every 15 days, and to avoid the spread of bacteria harmful to food. To wash the inside of the refrigerator we advise you to use the following mixture: 1 cup of water, 1 cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of baking soda. With this preparation and a clean cloth, wash the entire refrigerator. Do not forget to always have an open pack of baking soda inside your refrigerator, this will absorb bad odors.
How to organize your refrigerator?
Ideal temperature:

It is essential to have a good control over the temperature of the refrigerator, since this will help you to make the super last longer. We recommend keeping the refrigerator at 5 ° C and the freezer at -18 ° C. To maintain these temperatures, it is vital not to have the refrigerator too full and try not to open the door constantly.
How to organize your refrigerator?
Where to place the food:

To keep your food and drinks for longer, store your food in the following order:

• Sauces, jams, eggs and butter are stored at the door.

• In the upper part, everything that will not be cooked is kept: the leftovers, preserves, dairy products and sausages.

• Raw meats and fish are stored in the middle part. It is important that when you store the meat or fish, they are inside a plastic bag of Soriana (the one that is given to you in the super) and in turn, stored in a container, all this to avoid dripping and contaminating other foods.

• Fruits and vegetables are stored at the bottom. Try to wash most of the vegetables and fruits you put in the refrigerator, except that there are some exceptions; There are fruits and vegetables that should not be washed and refrigerated, since they would last less time, such as: mushrooms, cactus, broccoli, cauliflower and any green leafy vegetable or that decomposes easily.

• In the freezer you store all the food you want to last for longer (up to 6 months). It is important that you label each food you are going to freeze with the date you freeze it.
How to organize your refrigerator?
Each food in a space:

By keeping foods separated according to their class, you avoid that smells and tastes are transmitted between them, and that you allow them to stay longer; since each section of the refrigerator has a different temperature. It is important to keep food (especially leftovers) covered or in plastic bags, to prevent them from acquiring unpleasant tastes and / or odors.
How to organize your refrigerator?
Be careful with the expiration of the food:

Periodically, review the expiration of processed foods, especially sauces and jams. If you are already out of date, throw them away immediately, since it is important to prevent bacteria or fungi from circulating in the refrigerator.
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