How to make surprise boxes

These boxes are ideal for any event. You can place them on candy tables, desserts and even give them at the end as thanks. They are easy to make and you can decorate them as you like.

Step by Step of: How to make surprise boxes

Boxes with sweetsHow to make surprise boxes
Material: o Mentos® Bag or Colored Cardboards or Template or Pencil or Scissors or Hole Puncher or Ruler or Ribbon
Surprises boxesHow to make surprise boxes
Download the template, print it and cut it. Draw the outline of the template on colored cards.
Surprise boxesHow to make surprise boxes
Join the line of the base to form a square. Mark the center on each of the walls and make a line that connects that point with the corners.
Surprise boxHow to make surprise boxes
Cut out the template and with the help of a ruler, fold each of the lines to mark the folds.
Candy boxesHow to make surprise boxes
Make a hole in each of the walls and pass a ribbon through each hole. Set the bar as follows: 1. Go through the first hole. 2. Put it in the front. 3. Outside the box, put it on the right side. 4. Finally for the last hole that should be in front of the previous step. Pull the ends to close it but do not close it yet.
CajitaSuppresaHow to make surprise boxes
Fill the boxes with Mentos®. Pull the ribbon and close the box with a bow.
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30/06/2015 18:01:20
lindas!! Prácticas y fáciles de hacer,gracias por compartir
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Ideales para un presente!! me encanto gracias!!!