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Recipe of Mexican Enfrijoladas

Mexican Enfrijoladas

25 mins
10 mins
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We will teach you how to make enfrijoladas in a very easy way being this a typical dish of the Oaxaca region in Mexico. It consist of corn tortillas dipped in bean sauce. They can be stuffed with scrambled eggs, chicken or served alone.
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4 portions
  • 12 tortillas
  • 1/2 cups oil, to fry tortillas
  • 3 cups pot bean, with broth
  • 2 cloves garlic, roasted and peeled
  • 1/4 onions
  • 2 dried chili, fried
  • 1/2 chicken breasts, cooked and crumbled
  • 2 chorizos, fried and cut into slices
  • 150 milliliters cream
  • 1/4 bunches fresh coriander, only the leaves
  • 2 dried chili, fried


Fry the chorizo ​​in a saucepan until it is cooked, remove and set aside, leaving the grease that is released in the saucepan.
Fry the chorizo ​​fat, the onion and the garlic. When the onion is golden brown add the beans with their broth and cook for 10 minutes, add the chili and grind all the blender, salt and pepper and return to cook at very low temperature. just to keep the preparation warm.
Heat the oil in a pan and pass the tortillas through the oil (one by one) for a short time only to soften them, then pass them through the bean sauce, fill with chicken and place 3 enfrijoladas in a dish and cover with a little more beans.
To accompany and finish the preparation add cream, fried chorizo ​​slices and coriander leaves washed and sanitized.


Once you learn how to make enfrijoladas we have to decorate them. The simpler the decoration the better the enfrijoladas will look, without losing the flavor, of course.


This way of making enfrijoladas, lets you control the amount of spiciness you want and you can use the type of chili that you like.

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Rebeca Martinez
19/11/2019 11:42:27
Deliciosas de!!!
Mendoza Jj
05/12/2018 08:56:45
Judith barron
06/11/2018 17:22:48
Están deliciosas!!!!!!!
Weloma Bautista
05/02/2018 17:21:55
Muy buena la receta pero yo en lugar del chile de árbol le puse chipotle y quedo excelente
Luis Antonio Moreno Lozano
15/11/2017 15:38:27
chipocluda, muy buena y saludable
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