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Chocolate Egg with Pastry Cream

30 mins
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This surprise egg is a fun way to get your little ones involved in activities in the kitchen. It is a chocolate egg filled with peanut butter and decorated with cookies. In the end, they will be in for a big surprise!
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3 portions
  • 2 cups milk, 500 ml, for the cream
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla essence, 15 ml, for the cream
  • 4 San Juan® Egg Yolks, for the cream
  • 1/2 cups sugar, 100 g, for the cream
  • 1/4 cups cornstarch, 25 g, for the cream
  • 3/4 cups peanut butter, 200 g, for the cream
  • 1 1/2 cups chocolate, melted
  • 1 San Juan® Egg, to use as a mold
  • enough non-stick plastic
  • enough chocolate chip cookie, chopped, to fill
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For the pastry cream, use a balloon whisk to mix the Huevo San Juan® yolks with the sugar, until the color of the Huevo San Juan® yolks is slightly lighter. Then add the vanilla essence and the cornstarch, incorporate them with constant movements until the lumps are dissolved. Reservation.

Heat the milk in a pot without letting it boil; Once it has reached the temperature before boiling (85 ° C), pour a little of this hot milk into the previous mixture (of yolks) and stir constantly to prevent the San Juan® Egg yolk mixture from cooking. While doing this, you should not remove the milk from the heat and you should take care that it does not boil. After mixing a little hot milk with the Huevo San Juan® yolk mixture, pour all the mixture into the milk in the pot and keep over low heat while stirring until thick. Let cool for 30 minutes.
With the help of a mixer, beat the peanut butter with the balloon for 5 minutes, until it looks fluffy, and add the pastry cream little by little. Chill for 10 minutes in refrigeration.
For the chocolate eggs, cover a piece of San Juan® Egg with non-stick plastic and dip half the egg horizontally in the melted chocolate; reload the egg on a surface so that the chocolate hardens, repeat the operation to give a second and third layer, chill the chocolate in the refrigerator for a faster result; make several halves.
Remove from the refrigerator and remove the plastic carefully, fill the chocolate egg with the peanut butter and chopped chip cookies, cover with the other half and join them with the help of a little chocolate. Refrigerate again.
Decorate to your liking with materials that you have at home, have fun and enjoy.


Decorate with the chocolate chip cookies.


The melted chocolate should not be too hot. Coat the egg with 3 layers so that it is thick enough and does not break.

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