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Recipe of Flan de Maicena

Flan de Maicena

15 mins
10 mins
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It is a delicious, fast and economic custard. They are classic flans sold in the streets with "red paper". It does not need an oven or an egg. Children will love it!
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4 portions
  • 1/2 liters milk, or water
  • 50 grams cornstarch, cornstarch
  • 75 grams brown sugar
  • 1 raja cinnamon
  • 100 grams brown sugar, to make the candy
  • 5 tablespoons cream, to make the candy
  • 60 grams cream, (only if you do it with water, not if you do it with milk)
  • 1 teaspoon liquid vanilla, optional
  • vegetal color additives, yellow (one drop)


First the caramel is prepared, putting the sugar with the water on the fire until it disintegrates and acquires a brown color (not too dark) and empty it in our molds.
Dissolve the corn starch in 1/4 cup of milk, stir until it has dissolved well, reserve.
Put the rest of the milk or water over medium heat with the cinnamon (if they opted for water also add the cream well integrated in it), when it starts to boil, lower the heat and remove the cinnamon, add the sugar and stir until the Dissolve
Add the corn starch we had reserved, the vanilla and the droplet of dye, move constantly, without neglecting because it burns, until it thickens (approximately 2 minutes). Pour into the molds with caramel, let it reach room temperature and refrigerate preferably overnight.


Prepare these puddings in a tray of cupcakes with cups or cupcakes.

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Sara Chia
31/12/2019 01:56:27
Tengo una duda en los ingredientes dice crema para hacer el caramelo... Y en las instrucciones no la menciona... Alguien me puede decir si, si se usa y como se usa... O si no lleva crema el caramelo?
Victor Abraham Vergara Lili
08/10/2018 21:06:57
Es muy rica y súper fácil de hacer
Maricruz Hernandez
24/04/2018 19:55:07
Duda Es necesario vaciarlo en varios moldes ??? No lo puedes vaciar en uno solo ???
07/07/2015 12:02:47
Hola Mizty, ya quedo corregida la receta necesitas 60 g de crema ácida. Saludos :D
Nayeli Gonzalez
07/07/2015 12:01:56
Hola Naye, tienes razón faltaba la palabra gramos, gracias a ti quedo corregida. Saludos :D
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