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Sandwich Christmas trees

15 mins
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Make this amazing recipe for Sandwich Christmas Trees. These rich sandwiches are perfect for serving children at the Christmas Eve dinner, or at the Christmas luch. With this recipe you will ensure that food is not wasted and that it is fun, but above all, easy to make. Prepare these easy Christmas Sandwiches, they are stuffed with Manchego cheese, ham and yellow cheese, the star detail is made with cheddar cheese and the Christmas tree ornaments with cherry tomatoes. What do you think of this easy recipe?
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4 portions
  • 1/2 cups mayonnaise, for the mayonnaise
  • 1 bell pepper, roasted, for the mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cups old mustard, for the mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cups güero pepper, for the mayonnaise
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 pinch black pepper
  • 14 slices White bread
  • 7 slices manchego cheese
  • 7 slices yellow cheese
  • 7 slices Ham
  • enough lettuce
  • enough cucumber, cut into slices
  • enough cheddar cheese, for the star
  • enough cherry tomato, in halves, for the sphere shaped ornaments


For the dressing, blend the mayonnaise with the roasted pepper, mustard, chilies, salt and pepper until you get a soft and smooth mayonnaise.
On a table place two slices of bread, spread each mayonnaise, place the manchego cheese, yellow cheese and ham. Close up as a sandwich and cut into a star shape using a large cookie cutter or paper template.
Repeat the previous procedure until you get 2 big stars, 4 medium stars and 2 small stars. The small stars come out of the same sandwich. Cut a cheddar cheese star with the smaller cutter.
To assemble, use a large star as a base and decorate with a little lettuce and a slice of cucumber, on top place a medium star, lettuce and cucumber. Again place another medium star, repeat and end with the smallest star.
Insert a wooden stick in the center so that it crosses all the layers of the tree and up places the cheese star. Garnish with the cherry tomatoes to simulate the spheres, sticking them on with a bit of mayonnaise. Repeat the whole assembly procedure to obtain two small trees. Then serve.


Decorate with the jitomatitos to simulate the ornaments and a cheese star.


If you feel very liquid your mayonnaise you can thicken it with cream cheese.

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