How to make Halloween Pumpkins

We present the classic pumpkins decorated with Halloween, only this time the whole pumpkin is edible, since it is made with popcorn, sweets and chocolates. A delicious dessert that is going to look amazing in your house in the Halloween season.

Step by Step of: How to make Halloween Pumpkins

IngredientsHow to make Halloween Pumpkins
For this tip, you will need:
• Popcorn
• Chocolate covered (white, orange and dark)
• Chocolate cookies
• Lunette
• Peanuts
• Pretzels
• Black fondant
Melt the chocolateHow to make Halloween Pumpkins
Melt the orange chocolate in a bain-marie.
Add the chocolate to the popcornHow to make Halloween Pumpkins
In a pot add a little oil, add the popcorn and lid. Once all the corn has burst, remove the pot from the fire. Divide the popcorn, half of these place them in a bowl and add the orange chocolate. Stir well.
Shape the bodyHow to make Halloween Pumpkins
In a small bowl place the popcorn painted (still hot) with the chocolate. Fill the bowl and go pressing the popcorn against the walls of the bowl, in order to acquire the shape of the bowl. Let the popcorn cool for two hours.
Remove from the bowlHow to make Halloween Pumpkins
Once the popcorn is cold, carefully remove it from the bowl (looking for it not to break).
To the other popcorn add candyHow to make Halloween Pumpkins
In another bowl add the leftover popcorn and add the pretzels, peanuts, lunettes, cookies or the sweets that you like the most.
Add white chocolateHow to make Halloween Pumpkins
To the bowl with pretzels, popcorn and chocolates add white chocolate (previously melted in a bain-marie). Stir very well.
Form the pumpkinHow to make Halloween Pumpkins
To the orange popcorn bowl, add the popcorn mixture with the sweets and the white chocolate. Decorate this mixture.
Create eyes and mouthHow to make Halloween Pumpkins
Extend the black fondant and cut three triangles (eyes and nose). For the mouth, cut a half moon. Place a little dark chocolate in a duya (previously melted in a bain-marie) and pour a little into the cut fondant, so you can stick the fondant to the popcorn.
ReadyHow to make Halloween Pumpkins
Ready! You already have a Halloween pumpkin for popcorn.
How to make Halloween Pumpkins
This step by step will love the little ones in the house.
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