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How to achieve the ideal baking

Today there are different ovens: convection, steam, infrared, etc., which have the advantage of maintaining an exact temperature. But we still have many that have traditional ovens; therefore, I share my tips to achieve the ideal baking.

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How to achieve the ideal baking
Buy a thermometer so you can control the exact temperature your recipe requires. The price ranges between 200 pesos; It will be a small investment, but with a great benefit.
How to achieve the ideal baking
Renew the sealing of the oven door, so you can keep the temperature.
How to achieve the ideal baking
If you are going to bake doughs for cake, cupcakes, pancakes or of this type; your dough will need moisture, so place a container with enough water in the lowest rack of your oven at the time of baking. The water will begin to evaporate and will give your dough the moisture it requires.
How to achieve the ideal baking
An almost obvious detail, but often contributes to the failure of our baking, is that our ingredients are outdated. Verify them always before using them.
How to achieve the ideal baking
If our baking requires aluminum foil, remember that the opaque side absorbs the outside temperatures while the glossy side repels them. We must cover the food with the shiny side inwards.
How to achieve the ideal baking
Always control the time, whether with a clock, timer or cell phone, never trust yourself.
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Lillian Morel Then
03/11/2014 21:48:15
Lillian Josefina Morel Then Buenas recomendaciones. Tengo un pequeno problema y es que tan pronto apago el horno y saco el pastel del horno, se baja, no se que me pasapues me llevo de la receta al pie de la letra. Por favor contestarme a mi email. lianli_02@hotmail.com. Gracias
Lilibeth Coello
30/09/2014 16:08:52
HUMEDAD me gusto el tip del agua para darle humedad 
Lidia Peña
02/06/2014 20:55:03
horneado ideal Gracias por el tip, siempre he horneado con el papel aluminio del lado brilloso hacia afuera., ahora ya lo sé que estaba equivocada., gracias.