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3 ways to Peel an Orange

Orange is one of the most popular fruits, it is sweet, sour and contains a lot of juice. Sometimes it is difficult to eat it, due to the thickness of its shell. We present three very easy ways to cut an orange, you will not believe how easy it will be to peel an orange with this step by step. It is perfect for when in a recipe you need orange segments or just to eat this delicious fruit.

Step by Step of: 3 ways to Peel an Orange

Remove the ends of the orange3 ways to Peel an Orange
Supremas de Naranja

With a sharp knife, remove the ends of the orange, seeking to form a base so that the fruit can stand on the table.
Cut the skin of the orange3 ways to Peel an Orange
Following the outline of the orange, remove the skin, seeking to remove all the white part that is between the shell and fruit.
Remove the supreme3 ways to Peel an Orange
With one hand take the orange and with another hand, hold the knife. It is necessary to have a bowl at hand. If you look at the fruit, it is divided into segments, and between each segment there is a white skin. With the knife cut each section, taking care not to cut in the white part (the white part should remain in the fruit). Repeat this operation until you have extracted all the supreme orange.
Cut the shell in half3 ways to Peel an Orange
Orange without skin

Cut the skin of the orange in half, looking not to cut the pulp.
Separate the skin of the pulp3 ways to Peel an Orange
Enter the back of a spoon, between the pulp and the skin, so that you can get rid of the skin of the pulp. Repeat this step in the other half of the orange.
Turn the orange peel3 ways to Peel an Orange
Once the skin of the pulp is separated, the shell rotates to extract it from the pulp. Repeat this operation with the other half.
Remove the white skin3 ways to Peel an Orange
With a knife, remove the white skin that covers the fruit.
Cut the ends3 ways to Peel an Orange
Ganes of Naranaja

Cut the ends of the orange.
Cut the half of the orange3 ways to Peel an Orange
At one end of it, make a cut (looking for the cut to be between the intersection of two segments) to the middle of the orange.
Separate the segments3 ways to Peel an Orange
With your hands separate the orange, to obtain a row of segments.
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Tania Soiid
22/08/2015 10:38:30
Fácil Es una manera más fácil que de la que comúnmente uno aplica. 
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