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Recipe of Bread Focaccia BBQ Stuffed with Roasted Sausage

Annie Aj

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Recipe of Bread Focaccia BBQ Stuffed with Roasted Sausage

Bread Focaccia BBQ Stuffed with Roasted Sausage

1h 10 mins
12 mins
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A delicious bread with the best combination, you can not miss it. Made with the best ingredients for a meeting with your friends. This rich focaccia with BBQ stuffed with turkey sausage will be the sensation.
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7 portions
  • 250 grams flour
  • 7 grams salt
  • 7 grams yeast
  • 10 milliliters oil
  • 35 milliliters Hunt's ® Original BBQ Sauce
  • 2/3 cups Water, + 100 ml of warm water
  • 400 grams Turkey sausage
  • 100 grams onion
  • 30 milliliters Hunt's ® Original BBQ Sauce
  • 30 grams cream
  • to taste sauce, black


Place the sifted flour with the salt in a blender with a hook. Preheat the oven to 180ºC.
Add 100ml of warm water to the yeast and wait.
Incorporates half of the 2/3 cup of water.
Add olive oil along with the Original Hunt's® BBQ Sauce. Mix the dough until it stretches and does not break.
Add the oil to a bowl, then the dough to cover and ferment for 30 minutes preferably near the oven or in a window where the sun hits.
As it ferments, prepare the filling by chopping the sliced ​​sausage and the onion in squares. They are fried with oil and seasoned with black sauces. The dressing is prepared by mixing cream and Original BBQ Sauce Hunt's ®.
When the dough is inflated, pellets will be poured approximately 7 balls of 70grs. bolea and stretches.
Varnish with the Hunt's ® Original BBQ Sauce and chop the bread so it does not inflate too much.
Bake for approximately 12 minutes.
Once ready, they are opened, the dressing is smeared and stuffed with the roasted sausage.
And to try this delight!


You can put a base of lettuce for salad and on top you can bathe with the dressing.


You can try all types of HUNTS BBQ sauces to give it a different touch.

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Ratings (3)
Anna Já
27/04/2017 15:40:40
Está buenísimo!!!!!!!
Manuel Abaval
27/04/2017 14:15:20
Buena idea de hacer el pan de inicio con la misma salsa
Andrea Aj
26/04/2017 12:33:24
Está delciosa y fácil de hacer, además con ingredientes económicos.

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