3 Ways to Clean Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a delicious vegetable with many uses in the kitchen. You can use them raw, stewed, in broth, weathered, cooked, etc. They are an excellent alternative to replace meat in a dish, both for its flavor and its texture. Here we show you 3 different ways to clean mushrooms.

Step by Step of: 3 Ways to Clean Mushrooms

Clean mushrooms with flour and lemon3 Ways to Clean Mushrooms
With flour and lemon To a large bowl add white wheat flour and juice of a lemon, it is sought to create a paste with these ingredients.
Carve the mushrooms with the flour and lemon mixture3 Ways to Clean Mushrooms
Once you have obtained a paste, carve each mushroom until the earth disappears. Be careful to clean each piece very well. This technique is ideal for when you are going to use them inside a stew, like a baked meat or a fish with mushrooms .
3 Ways to Clean Mushrooms
With a potato peeler With a potato or vegetable peeler, remove the outer layer of the vegetable, be careful not to leave any unpeeled area. Once they are peeled, cut the mushrooms foot. This technique is ideal for when you are going to use them in a mushroom soup .
Clean the mushrooms with a cloth3 Ways to Clean Mushrooms
With a cloth With a clean cloth (preferably microfiber) and wet, carefully clean each mushroom, be careful not to break it.
Cut the mushrooms3 Ways to Clean Mushrooms
Once clean cut the mushrooms . If you like, you can pour a drop of chlorine into a liter of water and with this wet your cloth. This technique is ideal for when you are preparing a rich salad of mushrooms .
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Itza María Aguilar-Ulloa
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Excelentes consejos!!
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