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How to make spaghetti

I share my secret to learn how to cook spaghetti properly. The well-cooked spaghetti should remain al dente and not contain oil during cooking to ensure that it can be integrated with your sauce.

Step by Step of: How to make spaghetti

boil water to make pastaHow to make spaghetti
Boil enough water to cover the pasta completely.
add salt to make pastaHow to make spaghetti
When the water is boiling, add salt; Do not add it before, as this would cause it to take longer to boil.
Do not put oil in the water, this makes it waterproof and will not allow it to absorb the sauce well.
Cook pastaHow to make spaghetti
With the boiling water, add the pasta and let it cook (taking into account the time it marks the package).
Pasta al denteHow to make spaghetti
To check that the pasta is at its point, 'al dente', it must be firm, without having the center white.
how to make pastaHow to make spaghetti
When you see that it is ready, drain with the help of a drainer and accompany with your favorite sauce.
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Eugenia Arredondo
07/04/2018 15:06:40
Si me resultó, muchas gracias por compartirla!
Aurora Paredes
11/09/2014 14:59:01
cinco estrellas muy bien, porque acostumbramos a cocerla poniéndole aceite al agua,, supuestamente para que no se pegue.