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Stand in front of the mirror and honestly answer: do you like what you see? Although no one is perfect and we can always improve, feeling satisfied with our body is a fundamental part of our self-esteem. But few women are happy with what they see, according to a survey. And you, are you satisfied with yours?

Step by Step of: Are you satisfied with your body?

A survey published in the Journal of Women & Aging indicates that only 12 percent of the women surveyed (about 1,700) were satisfied with the shape and size of their bodies.

The women surveyed, all over 50, were mostly (88 percent) at an appropriate weight. However, even among 12 percent of those who were satisfied with their body, there were some complaints. A 56.2 percent had complaints regarding the size of the stomach, 53.8 percent on his face and 78.8 on the condition of his skin.
To be satisfied with our body, you do not only need to go to the gym or maintain a healthy diet. The real change is in the way of thinking. When analyzing the results of this survey, Joan Chrisler, professor of psychology at the College of Connecticut in New London, and specialist in the psychology of weight and eating disorders in women, believes that these should treat themselves better . This includes getting enough sleep, exercising, eating well, moisturizing the skin, buying and carrying the clothes that most favor, and even receive a massage from time to time. "Many women do not treat themselves well because they are disappointed with their bodies," she says. It is time to change that behavior!
The psychologist also gives this suggestion: see more foreign films. "If you watch French or Japanese films, you'll see many more older women than in American movies, and most are not thin as a toothpick," he says.

Another tip from Chrisler is to avoid fashion magazines. "They are full of young women and they wear clothes that do not suit older women. They are not made for us "...
Likewise, Bloomsburg University, in Pennsylvania, has released its own practical measures list so that women of any age (and everyone in general) feel much better with their image.
1. Concentrate on your achievements.
Become aware of your thoughts and beliefs and express your emotions in a constructive, healthy way.
2. Discard the negative internal dialogue and replace the disturbing thoughts with positive ones. Ask yourself, "What can I think and do to make this less stressful?" An example might be: "Coping with this situation can make me stronger."
3. Look at your body and yourself in a positive light, writing a "I like how I am because ..." and make a list of your qualities.
5. Cheer up, use optimistic statements and believe in your abilities and self-esteem.
6. Take a critical awareness of how the media represent their messages of beauty and figure (thinness).
7. Participate in activities that promote your physical well-being and mental well-being and / or the well-being of others.
8. Surround yourself with people who are a source of support, respect and encouragement.
9. Set objectives that represent a challenge but are realistic at the same time. And find ways to link those goals with your dreams, values ​​and emotions.
10. Every day give thanks for three qualities or good things you have in your life.
Finally remember, there is no aesthetically perfect body ... But the way our organisms work is truly prodigious. The way in which each part of our body develops and works is admirable. Just thinking about that is enough so that you not only feel satisfied with your body, but so that you feel that in truth we are a marvel!
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María Ponce
27/07/2017 22:39:21
Me gustaron los tips, debemos consentirnos y amarnos nosotras mismas
Valeria Valeria
26/09/2016 13:11:57
Estadísticas de percepción en México ¿Sabían que en general, solo el 17% de las personas en México se sienten satisfechas con su figura?, Según una encuesta sobre hábitos de alimentacón de los mexicanos donde refiere también a este tema, efectivamente sólo este pequeño porcentaje de gente en mexico se siente conforme con su figura. Hay mucho en que trabajar para mejorar la percepción de nosotras mismas y sobre todo la salud, evitar chatarra, refrescos, comer a des horas, etc.Excelente nota, saludos!Fuente: Mercawise. - www.mercawise.com/estudios-de-mercado-en-mexico/encuesta-sobre-habitos-alimenticios