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Recipe of How to cook the perfect turkey
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How to cook the perfect turkey

The turkey is the main attraction on special occasions, it is difficult to cook it but everything depends on the internal temperature. Learn to cook the perfect turkey based on the internal temperature.

Step by Step of: How to cook the perfect turkey

To make sure that the turkey is cooked, but not overcooked, use a thermometer to take the internal temperature, which should be 82 ° C, insert it into the thickest part of the thigh.
The time of baking depends on the weight of the turkey, for example for a turkey stuffed from 5.5 to 6.5 kilos the time will be approximately 3 1/2 hours to 4, without filling approximately 1/2 hour less.
There are other factors that affect the cooking time. For example, if the turkey is frozen or if the turkey is fresh from the refrigerator (5 ° C).
A dark baking tray absorbs more heat, so it will make the turkey cook faster. On the other hand, a metal tray reflects heat and slows cooking speed dramatically.
Bake your turkey at 163 ° C. Do not use caps, this can accelerate the process, but it will give unfavorable results. Start with the turkey face down; with this, the juices meet in the breast, after 1 hour of cooking, turn the turkey, the marks of the grill will disappear during the rest of the cooking.
Let it stand, the heat of the oven makes the juices concentrate in the center of the turkey, so after roasting let it stand for about 20 minutes. The juices will be redistributed and the slices will be juicier.
How much turkey per person? For turkeys weighing less than 6 kilos, it calculates 500 gr per person, for turkeys of greater weight, it calculates a little less, since although the turkey has more weight in meat, it also has it in bone. If you want there to be enough for everyone to eat 2 times, calculate 200 gr more per person.
If you plan to receive many guests, it is better to make 2 turkeys smaller, than a very large one.
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Pavo crudo tengo un pavo de 8 kilos crudo como lo preparo para meter al horno mañana urge!!!!