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Goat Cheese with Avocado Cemita

15 mins
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Delicious and original Puebla Cemita prepared in the style of my maternal grandparents. This dish is one of the family's cult recipes and believe me, if you ever have the opportunity to make this recipe, you will be giving a great gift!


1 portion
  • 1 Puebla style torta (sesame seed bun)
  • 1/2 avocados
  • 75 grams goat cheese, cool
  • 5 grams Dried oregano
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


Toast the cemita very slowly and at low heat in comal or 10cm from the fire so that it warms up to the center; It should not burn.
Short very thin slices of cheese. The goat cheese is fresh and firm, it is not the soft French type. Frankly I have only found it in Puebla but you can replace it with cheese basket, NOT PANEL, besides the recipe should be with a slightly salty cheese.
The half avocado must be at its point. You cut it into slices or cubes to make it easy to spread it. When the Cemita is already toasted and hot to the center, it is cut in half and both the lid and the base cover the avocado or cover the entire interior. The avocado should be smeared; Even if you do not believe it, it tastes different, besides that my grandparents did it!
On the base with avocado you put the cheese, also that covers the surface and in this case the quantity that you decide.
Sprinkle the oregano and pour olive oil on the base with the cheese. You close the Cemita and really prepare to enjoy a delicacy of delicacies. You have no idea of ​​the flavor.


If you like you can also put Chile Chipotle. It is not the same with bolillo or baguette because the taste of Cemita bread is very particular, although of course it will also taste delicious

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