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Recipe of Coffee flan prepared with cream

Ana Lozz

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Recipe of Coffee flan prepared with cream

Coffee flan prepared with cream

20 mins
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It is indisputable that this flan with coffee flavor is the best I have tasted, very few resist this exquisite custard. Delicious!
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6 portions
  • 1 package flan, Royal for 4
  • 1/2 liters liquid cream, to mount
  • 1/4 liters coffee, Equivalent to a glass of water
  • candies


You put the cream to heat when it starts to make a little smoke you put the flan and then the coffee.
And let it thicken just like a normal flan.
Put the liquid caramel in a bowl and pour the flan.
How to make liquid candy .....
For every 25 grams of sugar you have to take 1 tablespoon of cold water. So that the caramel is more liquid and can spread better, a good trick is to add a splash of lemon juice to the water. Use a low casserole (or a non-stick pan) with the sugar and water and bring it to a boil slowly. It will go from a thick "syrup" to acquire a dark tone. The moment we have the dark caramel we should move the casserole - without using a spatula - gently to spread it to those parts where the sugar has not yet been discarded. When the candy acquires the desired color (never black, blond-golden - dark, otherwise it will be too bitter), remove it and use it immediately, before it hardens. If it hardens, a trick to recover it is to add a tablespoon of water and bring the mixture back to a gentle boil.

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09/09/2014 10:58:24
Sugerencia Los ingredientes no se ven completos porque está el cuadro de la foto, hay alguna forma de que quede liberado el espacio de los ingredientes, gracias
16/01/2014 14:29:02
se ve muy rico, pero falta explicacion. Creo que falta mas informacion acerca del procedimiento, ya que ni se mensiona como se hornea y esas cosas, ademas creo que puede haber confusion acerca de como se mescla el flan en la nata, pues no menciona si es preparado y sin preparar, de verdad se ve muy rico, pero no esta muy explicado, si lo pudieran explicar mas ampliamente, seria mucho mejor, gracias.

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