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Breaded Fish Tacos

20 mins
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Breaded fish fillet tacos, marinated in beer that kids and adults love at home. It is a simple food to prepare that has a rich, mild flavor and a crunchy texture. Try them.


5 portions
  • 3 fish, in canes
  • 1 can beer
  • 5 tablespoons wheat flour
  • 2 tablespoons chicken consommé
  • 1 pinch oregano


In a refractory empty the flour.
Then the beer and bats until you get a grassy consistency, if you need more flour you can throw more.
Add the teaspoons of broth and if you want you can add more according to your taste.
You keep beating and it's going to start to inflate but it's normal.
Finally add the ground oregano.
Since the mixture is ready in a pot with enough hot oil you pass the fish sticks with the mixture little by little so they do not stick.
Then heat the corn tortillas and enjoy the delicious tacos. You accompany them with the sauce of your preference (I do it with flag and lemon with cream) taste delicious.


Very good tacos with flag sauce look very Mexican and taste delicious with lemon and a touch of cream you can add mayonnaise to the cream.


Choose the fish very well and if it looks good, it tastes richer and the children love it.

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Dulce Castro
22/08/2014 14:04:18
Excelente idea Dulce, seguro sabrá más rico todavía. Gracias por la sugerencia :)
Dulce Castro
16/08/2014 14:52:55
A través de Android ¿¿Si cambias el consomé de pollo por consomé de camarón queda más sabroso??

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