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3 Different Potato Cuts

In this step by step you will learn 3 different cuts of potatoes, these cuts are basic and are very useful for a number of recipes. As an example, with the canes you can make french fries , with the segments you can cook gajo fries and with the cubes you can add it to a chicken broth . You will not believe how easy it is to learn these cuts and how much your dishes will look when included in your presentations.

Step by Step of: 3 Different Potato Cuts

Peel the potato3 Different Potato Cuts
First of all you need to peel the potato, the simplest thing is to use a potato peeler (this step can be omitted in the potato segments).
Cut a base3 Different Potato Cuts
Once the potatoes are peeled, cut a slice to create a base for the potato and do not move when cutting it. If you are going to use the potato to make sticks or squares, it is necessary that you cut the ends of this one to form a square and with this the cuts will be better for you.
Cut slices3 Different Potato Cuts

Cut slices of potato about 1 centimeter thick.
Short canes3 Different Potato Cuts
In each slice, cut canes approximately 1 centimeter. Reserve the canes in water until you are going to use them.
Cut pictures3 Different Potato Cuts

Repeat steps 3 and 4 to get poles. Accommodate the canes in such a way that they are aligned and horizontal (taking your body as a reference). Cut the canes to form squares of 1 x 1 centimeters, or the size you need. Reserve the pictures in water until you are going to use them.
Cut the base3 Different Potato Cuts

In this section, you may or may not peel the potato (depending on how you like to prepare the potato segments). Make a cut to the potato so that it works as a base, this in order to not move the tuber and thus prevent you from cutting yourself.
Cut segments3 Different Potato Cuts
Make diagonal cuts to the potato, looking for the potato segments to stay more or less the same size. Once you reach a third of this, place the part of the potato where you just cut on the board (to keep it from moving) and repeat the diagonal cuts to form the segments. Reserve the segments in water until you use them.
Papa cuts3 Different Potato Cuts
Ready! You just learned the 3 most common basic cuts in a potato.
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