Day 3
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Day 3
Begin to change eating habits following this challenge keto, which is based on eating good fats and considerable amounts of protein throughout the day and avoiding carbohydrates.
The keto recipes what you need to start eating better and achieve lose weight They are in this challenge, where you will find dishes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Start with the 7 days, this keto menu includes three meals and two snacks that are very important.
Remember that one keto diet helps you burn fat, for its high amount of protein-rich foods, but for this process to be fulfilled, you must complement it with physical activity. With this challenge you will feel less inflamed because you will not consume refined sugars.
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Maria Isabel Serrano Cosetl
16/01/2020 12:14:18
Todo exquisito
Raquel Sedano
26/08/2019 09:17:03
ESTA DELICIOSO EL RETO de 10 Cuentan con la lista de super que me puedan compartir, ahorraría mucho dinero y tiempo. Gracias!