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Recipe of 15 easy egg recipes
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15 easy egg recipes

If you are one of those people who is quarantining either working from home or studying online and you have trouble getting used to the new routine, here we show you 15 easy, simple and delicious recipes to prepare eggs so that you can have a healthy breakfast and start the day with all the energy or to add a powerful protein to your meals in the afternoon.

Step by Step of: 15 easy egg recipes

15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Mexican scrambled egg:
This is a classic breakfast and the truth is quite quick to do. You just have to add a mixture of tomato, onion and chili when frying it and thus you will have the best flavor combination. It is ideal to start the day!
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Benedictine Egg Sandwich:
Benedictine eggs have become very popular lately but here is an innovative way to eat them. You just have to place on a non-stick plastic cup, break an egg and tie a knot. Then, in a saucepan over medium heat, heat the water and place the egg for 3 minutes. When ready, cut a bagel in half and place the egg in the middle.
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Starry eggs with beans and chorizo:
Flip the usual crashed eggs with a rich combination of beans and chorizo on a base of corn tortillas, all fried in the same frying pan so you do not wash too much.
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Egg whites omelette with vegetables:
If you want to avoid fat, this vegetable omelette with whites will be a lighter breakfast but full of the nutrients you need to start the day full of flavor and energy. Simply beat egg whites with cream and add pumpkin, red, yellow pepper, broccoli and onion, season with salt and pepper and fry in a pan with little oil.
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Homemade ranch eggs:
Among these egg recipes, you will not be able to resist these delicious ranch eggs, which are accompanied by a crispy synchronized ham and cheese and, of course, a spicy ranchera sauce. Making them is super easy! You just have to make a good sauce with tomatoes, chilies, onion and garlic covered, fry the eggs and add beans.
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Egg and surimi salad:
If you fancy something quick and simple, this egg salad will delight you, because it is also accompanied by surimi. Prepare 15 boiled eggs, cut them in half, bread them and fill them with a mixture of cream cheese, chipotle, ketchup and yolks, adding surimi. Place on a bed of lettuce leaves, bell peppers, and chives.
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Red chilaquiles with starry egg:
Now that you have a craving for something more traditional, these red chilaquiles with starred egg will fill your stomach and your spirit with an irresistible Mexican flavor. The secret is to serve the egg over the tortilla chips and add a rich sauce of guajillo peppers and 1 chile de arbol, tomatoes, onion and garlic.
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Creamy spinach with egg:
To get out of the routine, we recommend these creamy spinach with egg, a complete, nutritious breakfast with a flavor that will leave you wanting more. For this, it is only necessary to fry spinach over medium heat with butter, onion, garlic and cream, seasoning with salt and pepper. Add the eggs without breaking them and add Manchego cheese until melted.
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Toasted bread with avocado and boiled egg:
Among the most popular egg recipes, this toast with avocado and cooked egg undoubtedly stands out, because it is very easy to make, fast and very nutritious. You can toast a couple of breads and add avocado wedges, boiled egg, wheat germ and a little sesame. What would you accompany him with?
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Egg with nopales:
Choose a complete breakfast with this nopal egg recipe thanks to the egg protein, the yolk fats and the nopal fiber. You can add a spicy sauce and you will not regret anything.
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Ranchero egg toast:
Pamper yourself with these ranchero egg toasts that will help you restart your energy and start the week with all the attitude. The fusion of the egg, with the beans, the sauce and the toasts will inject life.
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Spanish potato omelette:
Egg recipes are all over the world and from Spain we bring you this Spanish omelette with potatoes so you can try a different gastronomy. Cook the potatoes with oil, garlic, and onion and when they are soft, add eggs with salt and pepper, incorporating the mixture well. Heat in a frying pan and then flip.
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Creamy enfrijoladas stuffed with egg Mexican style:
If you wake up hungry in the mornings, these creamy egg-filled enfrijoladas will be enough to satiate you completely. Its incredible flavor can only be compared to the great texture that is formed when combining bay beans with sour cream. What a great delicacy!
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Delicious divorced eggs:
If you like both green sauce and red sauce, these delicious divorced eggs will delight you. An irresistible choice of egg recipes!
15 easy egg recipes15 easy egg recipes
Tomato ball with egg and baked spinach:
Do not be fooled by its name, it might seem complicated to do but in 10 minutes you will have a quick, nutritious and very rich breakfast. You can accompany it with a bit of whole wheat bread and a refreshing drink.
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