Empanadas Recipes

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Sweet or salty, with broken or puff pastry, fried or baked. In any of its varieties, the empanadas are simply exquisite. Discover the touch that each culture applies throughout the Spanish-speaking countries and choose the ideal version to delight your family. The origin of empanadas The term empanada derives from the Spanish "empanar", which basically means "to enclose something in mass or bread to bake it in the oven". This preparation was created in the times in which different ingredients were placed in loaves that the shepherds and travelers took to consume them in the field. That custom originated the idea of ​​cooking the dough along with the filling, which resulted in what we know today Italian calzones patties Galician Cornish Pasties British caps, and derivatives such as Turkish börek and Arab fatayer. So, we can conclude that empanadas as we enjoy them today in Latin America come from Europe and the Middle East. The various

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